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Your Artist Residency

We promise you as much solitude as you see fit. Here we value the template places like Hambidge Center provide; time all your own, uninterrupted. We also value feeling connected through warm meals and garden work. Here you can expect the best of both.

We are calling for artists who can bring their materials with them, who are satisfied with a big desk and walls to fill up as they go. If your practice may require additional facilities, we can arrange some help from the local craft department at Longwood. We'll bake them bread and get your pots fired, don't worry. 

Things to Know: Text

A few things to get us started

Things to Know: Amenities
Field of Wheat

Looking for a part-time job during your stay?

Check out these places friends and past residents have had a good time at:

  • Evergreen Lavender Farm 

  • Caromont Farm

  • Nisani Farm

  • B&M Greenhouse

  • Mainly Clay

  • Rochette's Florist LLC

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